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HR Services

How will fractional HR help you...

  • Set up your HR function for success by implementing HR systems, processes, and programs creating less hassle for you.

  • Offer reliable and efficient fractional HR solutions, so you can focus on other important business and product decisions.

  • Specialize in tech companies and startups. Inclined to be resourceful, cost effective, and create high value solutions.

Core HR Operations

  • Design employee handbooks 

  • HRIS Management

  • Benefits Administration

  • Offer letters, phone screens, background checks

  • Recruiting process and job description creation

  • Onboarding and offboarding

  • Selection and management HR vendors

  • Premium customer support

Fractional HR Support

  • Fractional HR Support

  • Culture & Engagement

  • Human Resources Business Partner

  • Leadership Coaching 

  • Performance Management

  • Manage payroll processor or payroll outsourcing

  • Manage paid time off, holidays and sick days

  • HR Compliance

  • Premium customer support

Ongoing HR Support

  • ​Premium HR support with general team inquiries

  • Short-term hiring and interview management

  • Organizational systems for project management and leadership teams

  • Employee performance management tools

  • Employee immigration assistance

  • Outsourcing upon request

*Customized hourly, daily, and retainer packages are available upon request.
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